Why you should buy a pair of sunglasses for your cat

In a recent article in the Wall Street Journal, one of the most popular brands of cat-friendly sunglasses was mentioned, with a special note about the products being made by Kmart.

Kmart, one the largest U.S. retailers of cat sunglasses, made the announcement last month, just a few weeks before a major cat festival in the United States. 

The Kmart statement noted that Kmart has recently seen a huge increase in cat-related activity in its stores, and noted that many of the products made by the brand were made with cat-safe materials, such as plastic and metal, and were designed to be used by cats. 

“We know this is an important issue and we want to help and encourage people to shop at Kmart to help reduce their pet litter, pet hair, and litter in our stores,” said a spokesperson for Kmart in a statement.

The statement did not say why Kmart was so keen to make the announcement, but it does not seem like it was meant to discourage cats.

Instead, it seems to be a way to emphasize that cats can also be smart and sensitive consumers, and have been for a long time. 

Kmart did not disclose the cat-specific products it was making, but in the WSJ article, Kmart is mentioned as having been the first to sell cat-free products in the U.K. In 2016, KMart launched a “cat-free” campaign in the UK, and also has cat-approved products in other countries.

KMart is also a part owner of the popular cat-centric cat show Cat City. 

But cat owners have been getting frustrated with the lack of cat safety products in their local Kmart stores.

In an August 2016 article in The Guardian, a local cat lover shared a link to a Kmart cat-safety product he purchased online.

“I got it online and it’s made out of cardboard, and the packaging is so bad,” he said.

“It’s really bad.

It’s not cat-proof. 

As of July 1, 2018, KMA cat-shelters in the US and Canada have closed for the season, meaning that KMA Cat CatSafe and CatSafe Cat-Friendly are no longer available in those stores.

Kmart’s decision to make its cat-positive product a part of its cat collection comes after the company launched a cat-care line called KMA Catsafe in 2015. 

Cat-safe products made from recyclable plastic or metals are generally more expensive than cat-toxic products, according to the National Cat Coalition. 

So, what’s the point?

Well, there’s a lot of confusion about the cat market right now.

Some cat owners want to avoid litter, while others are concerned about the potential for their pets to get cat bites, particularly if they aren’t wearing safety gear.

The issue of cats getting cat bites is also often overblown.

Cat bites are rare, and most cases are mild, said Susan O’Neil, a pet-safety researcher at the University of Arizona. 

One study published in 2015 found that cat bites are not the main reason cats get into the home.

In fact, according of a 2015 study in the Journal of the American Veterinary Medical Association, “there is insufficient evidence to show that cat ownership is associated with a greater risk of cat bite injury or death.”

In fact, O’Neill said the research shows that cat owners who have their cats vaccinated against canine spay-neuter-return can be less likely to get into a cat fight with their cats.”

The studies show that people who are vaccinated against spay/neuter return are actually much more likely to be in a catfight than those who aren’t vaccinated,” she said. 

However, some cat owners are concerned that KMart’s decision could have an adverse effect on the company’s future growth.

Last year, CatSafe cat-shopping in the company began in a KMart store in Austin, Texas. 

This year, the Austin Kmart store is no longer cat-sensitive.

KMA will no longer be selling Kmart’s CatSafe product in the Kmart Austin store. 

For some people, the KMA announcement has been a relief, said Michael Hickey, founder and director of the CatSafe Advocacy Project. 

And he said Kmart should consider making CatSafe a part-ownership brand.”

I think it’s important for KMart to be part of the solution, to be an ally to the cat lovers, to really push for this to become more widespread and to see this as a brand that cat lovers will be able to look to,” he told ABC News.

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