Why the Australian Music Industry is going to hell in a handbasket

Nine News is reporting that a “tough-talking” industry official is threatening to take legal action over the current situation for music.

The agency has received several complaints about what it describes as “a pattern of alleged misconduct by management in the Australian music industry” and is now taking legal action to protect its reputation.

“A recent complaint is that management at the Nine Network is engaging in ‘bullying’ and threatening employees with legal action,” the agency said in a statement.

The statement was issued on Tuesday.

“We have received multiple complaints from employees about inappropriate behaviour at the organisation, including inappropriate and intimidating behaviour towards other employees, and inappropriate and unwelcome behaviour from management,” the statement said.

“It is our understanding that management has previously attempted to intimidate, bully and harass employees, including by threatening legal action.”

The actions taken by management are serious breaches of our corporate code of conduct and conduct standards.

“It is understood the company has received multiple “sick and tired of it” emails, but declined to elaborate.

Nine also published a blog post in the lead-up to the current crisis which it said highlighted “serious failings” in management.

It said: “We take the allegations of misconduct very seriously and will take all necessary steps to protect our reputation.”

Our first priority is to protect the integrity of the Nine News and the talent we have here in Australia,” it said. “

We want to make clear that the agency has not received any evidence of a pattern of misconduct by staff at the company, which is why we are taking the action we are.”

Our first priority is to protect the integrity of the Nine News and the talent we have here in Australia,” it said.

Nine has already been hit with a number of legal actions from former employees over the past two years over issues including poor working conditions and poor pay.

In February last year, the Nine network’s general manager was ordered to pay more than $50,000 in damages over a $1.6 million alleged misappropriation of company funds.

In March this year, Nine Media’s chief executive Peter Moore was forced to resign after being found to have failed to protect his own interests.

It was alleged that Moore was using his power to get more favourable deals for the company.

In September last year Nine Media was forced into a $12 million payout from Fairfax Media for the failure to pay an “unlawful and improper fee”.

Nine Media has not commented on the latest allegations.

Nine News said it was working closely with the ABC and the Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) to “investigate these issues”.

The ABC has also been contacted for comment.

The ABC’s director-general, Mark Scott, said: “[The agency] is a small, independent, media organisation that is committed to doing the right thing, and our legal department is working with the agency to deal with this matter as swiftly as possible.”

He said the agency was “actively investigating” the allegations.