Why Spotify Is Taking Over Music News

More than 50 percent of Americans who use Spotify say they listen to the service mainly for music news and promotions, according to a new report by the online service.

The study, conducted by research firm Pivotal Research, also found that 56 percent of Spotify users use the service for news or other content they like.

Spotify CEO Daniel Ek said in a blog post on Monday that the company will continue to invest in content that will serve its users.

He added that the number of Spotify subscribers in the United States is on pace to reach a record-breaking 1.1 billion in the next five years.

Spotify is now in its second year of expansion and has seen a significant surge in subscriber growth, fueled by its subscription-based service.

While the company is trying to grow its subscriber base, it is also trying to expand its user base beyond music fans.

Spotify recently acquired a music subscription service called iHeartMedia, which allows users to purchase music and other music streaming services.

Spotify also recently announced plans to expand in China, where it has struggled to gain traction.