Why I love the Hamiltons

The Hamiltones have been one of my favorite bands for decades.

They’re such a natural pairing for a summer concert.

The two of them are so well-adjusted, they’ll just do anything for you.

But I think the show, in addition to being fun, was a really good reminder of how easy it is to just do something, regardless of what it’s worth.

The show’s only on Friday, so you’re not in a hurry to get your hair done or buy a new pair of shoes.

The highlight of the Hamilts, however, was their rendition of “Let’s Get Ready” in their “Buddy Holly” video.

When the band took on the song, I was completely mesmerized.

I had never seen a band perform it so well.

When they finished, I knew I had to go to the Hamilton.

The band is known for having an all-out energy, and that’s really the Hamillites’ biggest asset.

The whole band was on a bus the night before the show.

There was no setlist, so I just got on the bus and went.

I got to see the entire Hamiltone experience on the big screen at the Hamilton, where the band was in their own studio.

I was blown away by their energy and the energy they brought to the show and to each other.

That whole experience was like, Oh my God, what if we were on stage with these guys?!

It was really cool to see.

When you’re at the stage, you can hear everyone else’s reactions and hear their emotions, and it’s a huge plus for me that they brought that to the concert.

I saw that they’re just as passionate about music as I am.

And they just really are.

I’m still not sure why they’ve always done their thing the way they have, but they have.

The Hamilts are such a part of my life, and the fans are such an integral part of mine.

They make me feel at home, so they’re such an important part of me.

The tour continues next month with a show at the New Orleans Jazz Festival on May 23.