Which song will be next on the Billboard Hot 100?

The next big thing is here!

Bongo Music News has a countdown of the Hot 100 songs that will be at #1 next week.

The list is below.

The countdown is a fun way to learn about the Hot 10s, and is based on the Hot 101s, which includes the Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Songs chart and the Hot Rock Songs chart.

The Hot 101, which also features artists from across the country, is a weekly charting of Billboard’s top-40 hits from week to week.

Top songs from the Hot Flicks chart, as of Monday: The Chainsmokers: “Blonde” (featuring Migos)   Ariana Grande: “Hello” (with Rihanna)   Nicki Minaj: “Diamonds” ( with Rihanna ) Katy Perry: “Lucky” ( w/ Rihanna, Drake ) Justin Bieber: “Sorry” (w/ Rihana) Adele: “Ticket to Ride” ( feat.

Drake ) Drake: “Runaway” ( With Rihanna Kendrick Lamar: “Flawless” (Walt Disney Co.)

The Weeknd: “The Hills” (With Drake) Taylor Swift: “Bad Blood” ( W/ Drake ) The Weeknd and Justin Bieber on “Losing My Religion” (Kendra and the Rocky Horror Picture Show) (with Drake)