Which singer will be next to get the ax? 7 news musical notes

The most likely replacement for Queen’s Frank Sinatra is none other than the Canadian-born guitarist-vocalist.

The BBC’s Top 10 list of the top 20 best male rock and pop singers in the world is topped by the former Queen frontman.

Sinatra will be the last of the former trio to appear on the list as the album of the year, the list’s final honoree announced on Sunday.

Sinato’s songwriter husband Joe Jackson will step down from the role of lead singer.

A British musicologist will write the lyrics for the new album.

The list of artists on the BBC Top 20 is dominated by Canadian artists.

It also includes a number of former members of the band.

There’s also a handful of Brits who’ve never sung on the record, including Michael Bubl√©, Liam Gallagher and Ed Sheeran.¬†

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