When will we get to see a real gospel music video?

A new video released on Wednesday is about to get a lot more than its fair share of attention.

The video for the song “The Promise” is being credited with creating a new era of gospel music.

And it may have been the catalyst that started the songwriting boom for the genre.

“I was a kid when this song came out and I was like, ‘That’s my baby,'” said the singer-songwriter.

“It’s like a miracle to see this song now and to be a part of it.”

A real gospel video has been a long time coming for “The Promised Land,” but the real thing is finally here.

“We had the chance to shoot it with the crew that worked on ‘Frozen’ and ‘The Promise,’ so that was the only reason we were able to make it happen,” said lead singer Michael Cappelen.

“I was like if I can get a video for that song, why can’t we do this for this song?”

The video was shot at the end of 2016 in New York City, and it was shot with the help of the same crew that shot the original “Frozen” video.

“This is the first real video we’ve done that’s been filmed with a crew from that movie, so it was a lot of fun,” said Cappellen.

He and his bandmates had their first experience working with Disney in 2019 when the Walt Disney Concert Hall hosted the first-ever Frozen Christmas special at the theater.

“It was awesome,” said the guitarist.

“We were blown away, and we got to spend a lot time with them, and I thought it was going to be the greatest Christmas ever.”

The video is being released in advance of the new film, “Frost and Fire,” which is being directed by “Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them” director J.K. Rowling.

The original video was created by the same team who shot the popular Disney movie “The Sorcerer’s Stone” with an animation style inspired by “Gravity Falls.”

“I had to find a way to get it right for the video because we have a lot in common,” said Matthew Siegel, the producer of “The Magic Kingdom.”

“The characters are similar in the way they look, the world is similar, and the music is similar.

The songwriting is similar in its songwriting, and that was a big challenge.

We had to make sure the story of this video is consistent with the music that we’ve created so far.”

It will be the first time a gospel video will be released on VOD.

The “Frolic” video has already been watched over 1 million times on YouTube, and will likely get a good amount of attention when it is released in a few months.

“Frost is such a strong song, it could have been a really successful video.

It’s an important song in the world today, and there’s something so powerful in it,” said Siegel.

“But to get the full song and the full feel from the music we recorded, it’s a lot.”

The “Furnace” video is currently a fan favorite, but it is not the first video to get attention.

It has been praised for the music in it, which is reminiscent of the “Foo Fighters” classic “Let It Be.”

“It’s a song that’s timeless, it has a lot to do with the times and the people in this world,” said Michael Capps, who was one of the creators of the video.

“When you listen to it, it just sounds like a lot that’s in the past.

It feels like you’re listening to a new song.”

And it is a song the video is sure to bring a lot joy to fans.

“The promise is something that’s so important to us, and a lot about what we do as an entertainment company, and to our audience, it means a lot,” said co-producer Matthew Suggs.

“And to be able to bring this to the world with this new video is just a blessing.”

The full “Foiled by Fate” video will air on “Saturday Night Live” on Jan. 31.

It is set to be followed by a special event featuring “Fold It Up,” a new musical by the Grammy Award-winning songwriting duo The Knocks.