When is The Weeknd’s new album coming out?

Posted September 17, 2018 12:21:16The Weeknd is set to release his next album, titled The Weekends, on September 17th.

However, his latest album, The Hunting Ground, which was released last year, was already out in December.

That means, despite the fact that the album is only a few months old, it will be coming out at a different time than his previous album.

This means that the title of the album may change, as well as the release date.

The Hunting Grounds was released in December, so we’re guessing the title will change too.

There is also the possibility that the band will release another album.

It is believed that the new album will be called The Hunting For An Evening.

The band has said previously that the focus of the new record is on The Hunting, but it is unclear how many songs it will include.

The album will probably be the same as last year’s The Hunting for An Evening, but there may be some new material.

We have reached out to The Hunting team for more information.