When indie music fans get to the stage of an intimate show: How to talk to your audience

By JASON MARTINAssociated PressI can’t think of a better way to get the attention of an audience than to talk with them, says Brian Jones, the owner of MusicBox in Atlanta, who hosts an evening event for local music fans.

MusicBox is located in the Atlanta Arts District.

Jones says a show at his venue is usually about 30 minutes long and he expects to attract up to 200 people.

He has a lot of experience with that kind of audience, he says, and has done shows for bands like Lady Gaga, the Eagles and Lady Gaga herself.

Jones is not the only person to have done this sort of show.

One of the biggest problems musicians have with the internet is that they can’t get enough music to listen to.

Jones says he has a new podcast he hopes will appeal to an audience of indie fans that can be easily identified.

The music has to be good, the show has to do something special, Jones says, adding that the audience is always happy.

Jones said he has noticed a shift in the way the indie music world has changed over the past few years.

Jones thinks there’s a shift to more casual shows, but there’s also a change in how people approach the genre.

People are less willing to sit through an hour-long show or an hour and a half of an hour long show, he said.

Jones believes that a show like his will help him attract more people to his venue and help build the fan base.

He’s already got a couple of hundred people lined up to get into the event.

Jones said his biggest problem is not with the show itself.

He just doesn’t think the genre needs a new name.

He said it’s easier to get people to attend shows, which is something he wants to see more of.

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