What’s the deal with the “American music news” section?

/r, a subreddit dedicated to American pop culture, has seen a dramatic shift in recent years.

This year, it has become the top-ranking subreddit on the site, beating out some of the most popular sites like CNN and Rolling Stone.

Its popularity has led to it being the first destination for many celebrities to share their thoughts and opinions about popular music.

The sub has also grown in popularity, with more than 17 million subscribers as of late March, according to data from Alexa.

It also gained traction as a subreddit, with users sharing news on its topics and news articles from popular sites.

“People want to hear what other people think about the music industry,” said Mark D’Angelo, cofounder of D’angelo Music and a moderator on the sub.

“They want to know how to get the most out of the artists they like.

And the best way to do that is to listen to their music.”

In fact, many people who regularly use Reddit for news find it a useful tool.

“The best thing about Reddit is that you can get the whole story in one place,” said Josh Smith, a 22-year-old student at the University of California at Irvine.

“It’s super user-friendly and it’s very easy to understand.”

For Smith, the popularity of the subreddit is largely due to its unique approach to the news industry.

He said it is “a good example of how technology can bring people together in a way that traditional media can’t.”

“Reddit is an easy place to go and find out what’s going on, which is a very rare thing in the music world,” he said.

“There’s so much going on in the world right now, so if you can make a place where people can talk about music without having to read a book, then that’s a good thing.”

While many people may find Reddit to be a convenient way to find news, it’s also become a platform for a number of artists to voice their opinions.

On top of the pop culture news, users of the sub have also been able to share stories about music that they believe are of significance to them.

“I think the reason why a lot of artists have started to use Reddit is because it’s a great way to get their voice heard,” said Jay-Z, who has been one of the biggest proponents of the community.

“The way you get your message out there is through Reddit.

You can post in the comment section, and it will filter out the bad and give you the good.”

As a result, artists have also found it helpful to create a section for fans of their own.

“If you go to a certain song, you can find out about the song, what the artist thinks about it, and if it’s been nominated for an award,” said D’Alessandro.

“And that’s all great.

But when you’re listening to an artist, you’re really missing out on something.””

I do think it’s important to create some sort of section for your fans, because that’s what they want to be hearing,” he added.

“But when you do, they have to go to Reddit to find it.

And when they do, you know it’s going to be great.”