What’s the deal with South Africa’s new “sustainable” music festival?

In a bid to push South Africa into a new era of innovation, the government is planning a new, green music festival, billed as “sustainably produced and produced locally”.

The country has been working on the idea for several years, but in recent years it has also become a cause celebre.

The new festival, to be held in Nkandla, will be hosted by the South African government.

The government is also keen to promote the idea as a way to combat the “black market” in the country.

In a statement released on Monday, South Africa Tourism Minister Jannie de Villiers said the government has been in discussions with the government of Uganda about hosting the festival.

De Villiers added that it was the first time the country had discussed a music festival.

The minister said the festival will be made up of local artists and will not be influenced by “big-name festivals” in other African countries.

“It is going to be local and sustainable, and we will not use the word ‘sustainable’,” he said.

South Africa has seen a number of attempts at promoting green tourism and sustainable business models.

The country is also set to host the first ever “Green Expo” in 2019.

But it has yet to host any of these events.

De Villes said the country was working with international companies on “sustaining sustainable development”.