What you need to know about Sad News Music’s ‘No Mercy’ cover story

Sad news music has been making headlines recently with the release of their latest single “No Mercy” featuring the talents of Nicki Minaj, Diddy, and Pharrell Williams.

The song’s lead single, “Don’t Stop Me Now,” was released on Wednesday, February 8, with the accompanying video being a series of clips of the four musicians singing along.

“No mercy,” as the song is called, is a cover of “The Ballad of Happy Endings,” a song that featured Diddy’s own version of “You Don’t Know Me,” the first song that Diddy released with Lil Wayne in 2007.

“Don’s version of ‘The Ballads’ is a classic ‘You Don”t Know Me’ version, and we felt that that was an excellent track for a song like No Mercy,” Minaj told the Huffington Post.

“It’s really catchy, and I really enjoy it.

And I also like the beat.

It’s just so good.”

“No one wants to listen to Diddy or Nicki anymore.

I just think it’s a shame to see this kind of music being made in the future,” Minj added.

“I don’t think that there’s a place for music that doesn’t have something that people love about it.

It just doesn’t seem like that’s the case right now.”

In the video for “No Justice,” the four artists sing along in the video as they sit on a bench, watching a woman struggle.

Minaj said the song had a lot of inspiration for the video.

“In the video, we just want to make people feel something.

The video, ‘No Justice,’ is about just trying to get through the day and just trying not to feel like you’re losing yourself or that you’re falling down,” Minij said.

“You know, the video is a song about a guy sitting on a street corner, trying to not be lost in the world, and then, when you hear the video and see that scene, it just makes you feel like it’s your life that’s falling down, too.”

The video for No Mercy is a great example of how the music industry can evolve in the coming years, Minaj continued.

“The thing that’s always really amazing to me about music, I think, is that you can get these amazing ideas and just let the music do the talking.

And then when you see that video, and you see all these talented artists and musicians that have this vision and want to create something special, it’s just really cool.”

The music video for Minaj’s cover of No Mercy was made by DJ Khaled.

It premiered at the Billboard Music Awards on Tuesday, February 9, and featured an animated rendition of “Don”s” video that featured Minaj singing alongside Pharrell.

“Nah, I love you.”