What do the ‘bad news’ music industry has to do with Amazon Music?

By the numbers:Number of music sales: $10 billion to $11 billionA decade ago, Amazon Music was a tiny company with one office in San Francisco.

It had a million customers and sold music for just $1 a month.

It also had a long history of shady deals with record labels and other record labels.

But the days of Amazon Music’s bad behavior are numbered.

Now the company is worth an estimated $10.5 billion, according to data compiled by Bloomberg.

The company’s CEO Jeff Bezos recently said that the music industry needs to get serious about digital music and that it has a “huge opportunity.”

But that’s not the only bad news about Amazon Music.

It’s also been accused of manipulating its music sales figures, according a report from the Electronic Frontier Foundation, an advocacy group that is fighting the merger.

The Electronic Frontier is concerned that Amazon’s own data shows that it artificially increases its sales numbers by using a “fear index,” which uses sales data to “boost” its revenue by “updating” sales data.

Amazon does not make its own sales figures public.

But in a press release on Tuesday, the EFF said that Amazon has been manipulating its sales figures for years.

It also alleges that Amazon Music used data from third-party labels that it paid for to make inflated figures about its music business, according an e-mail that was published by Bloomberg on Tuesday.

The e-mails also said Amazon Music artificially inflates the numbers because it “does not have enough content to cover all its own costs.”

In an interview with Bloomberg on Wednesday, Bezos said that “we don’t have a lot of information” about Amazon’s music sales, and that “I don’t think it’s going to get any better.”