Ugandan musicians who make it in the U.S. to play for a living

Uganda’s Ugandan music scene has made it to the U and is flourishing in the United States.

Some of the country’s best-known musicians are among them.

Here’s a look at what you need to know.


“Barely Famous” by Raziq Ubi-Khelebi is a Ugandan-born American rapper who’s made the leap from the hip hop scene to pop and is now one of the most popular rappers in the country.

He’s performed at festivals around the country, such as the annual Gay Pride festival in the capital, Kampala, as well as festivals at colleges and universities.


“The Way You Feel” by Zaka Ndiku is an American-born Ugandan singer who’s a leading voice of the national anthem and has become a leading member of the Ugandan national anthem team.

He is currently the singer of the rock band Black Hippy.


“Nollywood” by Ndoro Ndomo is a musician from Uganda’s KwaZulu-Natal province.

He made the headlines in 2009 when he performed at a concert in New York.


“Dirty” by Dwayne Herna is a rapper from the central Ugandan province of Kinshasa.

His music has gained popularity across the globe and he recently released a full-length album, Dirty.


“Pump Up the Music” by the Mysore-born singer-songwriter Mimi Mulya is an English-speaking singer-guitarist who has released her own music as well.

She’s known for her catchy, pop-rock music that mixes hip-hop, pop, rock and classical.


“Sons of Mali” by Mandy D is a singer-performer from the Central African Republic, who is known for producing pop music that ranges from pop to country.

She was recently voted Uganda’s most popular female singer-bassist.


“Love and Mercy” by Jelani O’Rourke is a popular Ugandan dancehall singer-turned-vocalist who’s been making music in Uganda for over 15 years.

She has performed with the likes of Madonna, Rihanna, Justin Bieber, Lady Gaga and many more.


“Caught Up” by Calexico Zombo is a talented rapper from Uganda who’s also known for his unique voice.

His songs often feature lyrics like “the world is mine, the world is my home.”


“A Love Song” by Omida is one of Africa’s top female rap stars who’s known as a popular singer-artist.

She recently released her first single, “A Lover’s Love Song,” and she’s also one of Uganda’s top hip hop artists.


“Kangaroo” by Lolo Konye is an award-winning Ugandan songwriter whose songs have won multiple awards.

His debut album, The World Is Yours, came out in 2019.


“Shark” by Adelkane Aboo is an African-born songwriter and producer who’s one of four Ugandan artists to win a Grammy Award for Song of the Year for 2018.


“Till There Was You” by Gokoyo is a former member of Ugandan pop band Womba.

She is known as one of its most popular singers.


“I Can’t Tell You” is a South African-American rapper who released his debut album as “I’m Sorry.”

He recently released his sophomore album, A Better Life.


“All My Friends” by Kari Gbirade is a vocalist from South Africa’s Cape Town who has a successful international music career.

She released her debut album on March 4, 2019, and it was nominated for the Grammy Award.


“You Are My Sunshine” by Samir Kamara is a Nigerian-born African singer-actor who’s worked with some of the world’s most celebrated artists.

He recently won a Grammy for Best Pop Performance for his song, “I Am Your Sunshine.”


“Gotta Have a Dream” by Emami Ismail is a female rapper who recently released two solo albums and recently completed a documentary called “The Last Song.”


“Say Goodbye” by Chikila Ndama is an internationally known rapper and singer-videographer.

She also has a recent documentary, “Say No to Silence,” about the countrys anti-gay law.


“Beautiful Girl” by Sibitha Hunding is a music producer who has produced some of South Africas most successful artists, including U2 and Madonna.

She co-produced the Grammy-nominated song “Say Yes” with Madonna in 2013.


“Handsome” by Uganda rapper Mwanza Mwangi is a well-known Ugandan rapper