‘Tiny’ ‘Tron: Legacy’ to debut on the Apple TV next year

Apple’s next-generation streaming service will be released next year on Apple TV, with the company announcing that “Tron” and its music app, Tiny, will be made available on the platform this fall.

Apple TV’s streaming service, which will be called Apple TV Now, will stream songs from “Tiny” and other music-streaming services like Spotify, Rdio, SoundCloud and the like.

It will also offer “music apps” like TuneIn and Beats Music, and “games and entertainment,” including a “TV Show and Movie app.”

Tiny, which Apple calls a “music app,” will stream the songs that users play on their Apple TV set, along with songs and albums from Spotify, Beats Music and SoundCloud.

The Apple TV app will also let users watch video, play games, listen to podcasts and listen to music.

Tiny will be available for iOS and Android in 2018.

Apple also announced it will expand the Apple Music streaming service to other Apple devices, including Apple TV.