The music industry is still reeling from the news of Irish singer, songwriter, musician and songwriter John O’Neill’s death

An Irish musician who made headlines for his work with the country’s biggest rock band, the Dubliners, has died.

O’Neill, 53, from Co. Clare died at home in Sligo, Co. Dublin on Friday after a short illness.

He had been staying at his home since early March.

He was one of the most celebrated songwriters in the world.

He was a singer-songwriter, lyricist and musician who produced hits including “We Are the World” and “I’m Going Out on a High” and released seven studio albums.

Born in Galway in 1960, he moved to London and became a professional musician with the band the Dubliner’s.

He wrote some of the group’s most famous songs including “Don’t Be a Rock” and the title track from their 1986 album, The Dubliners.

The Irish Times reported that his body was being taken to Sligo City Cemetery in Slough where his family was due to pay their respects.

Oddo said he had “great sadness and grief” for his friend, and that he had died on Friday.

He had spent the past few months in hospital in his native England after a series of complications, including heart surgery.