Birmingham – Music News and Events

BIRMINGHAM, Ala.(AP) Music fans are celebrating the first anniversary of the release of Birmingham, Ala.’s first-ever live concert at the Great Lakes Music Pavilion, which opened on April 25.The city of more than 3 million, Alabama’s second-largest, has been the scene of the country’s largest-scale pop music festival since it began in 2006.The event draws […]

‘Futurama’ creator’s new ‘Fargo’ TV show is about ‘cannonball’ and ‘fears’

FUTURAMA: THE FLASH Season 1 Episode 4 – “Cannonball” (2003) Written by: Brian Helgeland Directed by: Michael Okuda Starring: Michael Stuhlbarg, John Goodman, James Marsden, Katey Sagal, George Takei, Jason Alexander, Sam Worthington, Matt LeBlanc, John DiMaggio, Robert Picardo, Michael Stahlbarg and David Cross Produced by: Peter Minkoff, John Davis, Matt Weiner, Mark Bensimon and […]