The best songs in Canada’s major cities

AUSTIN, Texas – Canadian singer-songwriter-songwriters will be at the centre of a musical comedy festival in Austin in the United States on May 26, according to the festival organizers.The festival will take place at the Austin International Film Festival, which opened in 2017.It will showcase a wide variety of Canadian talent, including popular songs like […]

How to make it work in real life

The news cycle has changed the way we consume news, but it’s not a problem that is unique to America.The U.K. has its own story to tell, but there are more ways than ever to consume news online.A new report by the news outlet The Wire and the University of Toronto’s Osgoode Hall Law School, […]

Aussie band has a new song called ‘I Will Not Be Your F**king Puppet’

Australian rock band The Weeknd is taking on the world’s most popular meme.The band have a new track titled ‘I’ll be your puppet, I’ll be the puppet’ and have already taken to social media to share it with their fans.The track, which features vocals from The Weeknights sister group Post Malone, is a playful anthem […]