What is ‘pushing’? – Al Jazeera

What is the term ‘pushed’ in music?The term ‘push’ has been used in music since the late 1950s.It has been linked to push-ups and dips in hip hop, and in recent years has been seen as a form of resistance to an oppressive social and economic system.But it has been the subject of a lot […]

How to get a good night’s sleep when you’re travelling from Canada to Australia

When you’re coming from Canada, you can get a lot of great sleep on the road, thanks to the country’s sleeping arrangements.This is especially true if you’re planning to stay overnight.Here’s how to know what to expect when you arrive in Australia.Sleepy road ahead for Australians heading to Australia The country’s sleep arrangements are generally […]

Why is Houston’s local music scene the hottest in the country?

More News: The hottest cities in the U.S. have some of the best music scene in the world, according to Billboard.Houston is No. 1, with six of the top 10 cities for the Top 20 Best Albums and Best Music Cities list.Houston also holds the top spot for Best Musical Venues in the Country.Read moreThe […]