How to buy the best Irish music videos on YouTube

In 2014, the BBC decided to create its own YouTube music channel.This channel would provide access to over 150,000 videos on the platform, which was still just a fraction of the top 50,000 on YouTube.┬áIn February 2015, the company announced it would begin offering music videos to subscribers.These videos would not only be curated by […]

Google Music: ‘All Songs’ is now more popular than ‘Best of the Best’

The all-music playlist for the year is more popular and relevant than the most recent album, according to new data from the Google Music API.“All Songs” now dominates the Top 20, beating out the best-of-the-year compilation “Best of The Best” in the U.S. and the best new releases of 2017, according the data.Google Music launched […]

‘A’list’ singer will perform on ‘This Week in Music’ on Monday night

Aussie music star, actor, musician and comedian John Hodgman has been announced as a guest presenter on the new edition of This Week in Entertainment, the broadcaster announced on Friday.The announcement comes on the same day that the US singer and songwriter will also perform on the program.“John Hodgman’s ‘This week in music’ is a […]