Which is better: the Bongo or the Bongos?

By JASON GUTIERREZABREDE-GARRETTIAPO | REUTERS: PHILIPPE DE LA TORRE|AFP| Getty ImagesThe Bongo is one of the most popular music and dance icons of the 20th century.It’s a traditional, hip-hop-influenced musical instrument that’s known for its distinctive body shape.The Bongo has a long history of music and is a key ingredient of many popular dances around […]

What you need to know about the billboard music wars

What you might not know about billboards:The billboard music business is booming.But how much of the boom is coming from new technologies and new business models?The big players are:Google, the parent company of YouTube, Spotify, Rdio and Apple Music.Billboard, the music publishing industry’s biggest player.The Billboard Music Awards, which feature some of the biggest acts […]