Rhythm and blues, hip hop, pop music: What the kids have been listening to this week

A series of pop songs are being played in the hallways of a school in a northern Chinese city, in a bid to educate the children about music.

The music has been played by two children in the sixth grade, who have been instructed to learn to play the songs.

The song, ‘I Will Go to Heaven’ is sung by a man who wears a mask and speaks in a monotone.

The school has also been told to learn about ‘songs from the past and the future’, according to a school official, who did not want to be named.

The children are to learn the meaning of ‘dying and returning to life’, the official said.

The official said the school has been informed that this is not an isolated incident, adding that the school’s pupils have been reading music from the Bible in the last 10 years.

However, some parents are questioning the motives behind the lesson, saying that this was not a good thing to teach their children.

“It is a strange thing to be doing at a school,” one parent said.

“I am not a believer, but I don’t want my kids to learn a religion that I don´t like,” another parent added.

“This is not what the children are supposed to be listening to,” another person said.

A report in China’s state-run Global Times newspaper last week said that the children had been instructed that ‘life and death’ are “spiritual principles”, and that the theme of death and rebirth is important.

Chinese media have previously reported that the song, called ‘The Song of Heaven’ was popularised by American songwriter John Lennon in the 1980s.

In 2009, a Chinese official said that Chinese pop music students had been taught to sing ‘the most popular American pop songs of the 1980’s, including Nirvana, The Beatles and The Rolling Stones’.

The song has also recently been used by a group of Taiwanese children who were performing a traditional Chinese dance called the ‘Shen Yin Gong’.

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