‘My biggest fear was the internet’: Music industry says it’s time to tackle copyright

The music industry has warned that it’s only a matter of time before it becomes harder for consumers to access and share music online.

Ahead of the release of the new edition of the report, the MPAA said that online streaming services like Spotify and Pandora are “likely to become more prevalent” and that it will only be a matter “of time before copyright holders have the ability to silence online music.”

“We are increasingly concerned that the music industry is only one of many players that will use technology to suppress the creativity of artists and consumers alike,” said the MPTA’s Executive Director Michael Silverman.

“We believe the time has come to address this problem in a coordinated, global, proactive way.”

In the wake of Spotify’s recent $3.3 billion acquisition of record labels Universal Music Group, the group’s CEO John Skipper said that the company was “looking at a potential future of being more like Google than Apple”.

“We have to be more like them,” Skipper told a US conference in March.

“If we’re going to stay ahead of the game, we have to do it together.”

The MPTA is urging governments and copyright holders to take action, including introducing a “fair use” exemption to protect “commercial use” of content.

The group says that the industry needs to be “more proactive in responding to digital threats to our culture and creativity.”

But the MPEA also highlighted a need for government action to protect the public from online copyright infringement.

“There is a growing awareness in the music business that online piracy poses a serious threat to the creative industries,” said Silverman, “and that the best way to ensure that music remains accessible and accessible to the widest possible audience is to address the problem by taking proactive steps to address copyright infringement.”

“It is time to work together to address these threats to the creativity and integrity of the music we love.”

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