Music News: Salsa singer, violinist, cellist to appear at concert in India

Musicians and cellists from around the world are attending an Indian music festival to honor a great songwriter, violin and cellist who lived to be 100.

The Indian Institute of Music (IIIM) in New Delhi will host a concert and a reception on Thursday, Nov. 6, at a venue named for the late Bhattarai Mukherjee, whose song “Bhaktia,” the story of his life, is considered the most beautiful of all Mahabharata poems.

Mukherjee was born in 1871 in the city of Pune, India, and raised in the small village of Bhatta, near the border with Pakistan.

His father was a doctor who treated tuberculosis.

At the age of four, he enrolled at the Indian Institute at New Delhi and was there for three years before moving to the United States.

He had to change his last name because his father was dying.

Mukherjee’s father was not pleased with his change of name, so he made it official.

Muller, who was born and raised on a farm in the town of Tewksbury, Pennsylvania, has been recording music ever since.

In his early 20s, he moved to New York to pursue a career as a composer.

Muller has performed in a variety of genres, including jazz, folk and rock, as well as a few pop and R&B songs.

He’s also performed in India and abroad, including in London.

He’s the first American artist to perform at the IIIM in India.

He’ll be joined by violinist Rishi Mistry and celloist Kunal Dutt, who has been performing in India for over 50 years.

Mistry, a professor of music at New York University, told Fox News, “Mohan has written songs that transcend genre, and I think that is the thing that is really inspiring about him, that he has a deep love of music.”

The IIIM is hosting the concert at a private home in a residential neighborhood, and it’s scheduled for 7 p.m. on Thursday.

Tickets are $300 per person, $50 for children and seniors.

Mohan, who died in February at the age 81, is survived by his wife, Bimal Mukherji, and their three children.

They were born in India in 1948.

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