‘Madonna’ releases new music video for “Basket Case”

The video for Madonna’s new single, “Basketball,” is out now, and the video is filled with a lot of love.

The video opens with Madonna wearing a mask, holding a basketball and playing a shot, with the video ending with the player standing over her with his hand on her shoulder.

It’s a cool and subtle shot.

The masked woman stands up and is just a really cool, simple shot that you see Madonna do on “Bucket List,” the movie.

You can also see her get in a little game of basketball.

The shot is an homage to the NBA game, which Madonna and her boyfriend, Bruno Mars, started to play together when they were in their teens.

She’s seen jumping on the court and playing catch, as well as getting a shot off and falling on her face.

It’s a very simple shot, and I think the video really captures the vibe that this song has about its subject matter.

You really get the feeling that Madonna is being treated with respect, and it’s just her going, “No one is going to treat me like this.”

It’s really the spirit of this song.

Basket case is the second single from Madonna’s upcoming album, due out later this year.

Madonna and Bruno Mars are scheduled to perform the song at this year’s VMAs.