Israeli singer pleads guilty to beating daughter

An Israeli singer has pleaded guilty to assaulting his daughter, and has been sentenced to four months in prison and fined a million shekels ($9,000).

Moti Yaari, 30, pleaded guilty on Tuesday to assaulting her then-17-year-old daughter in a video posted to Facebook.

Yaari’s lawyer, Michael Gira, said in a statement that the singer had been “deeply ashamed” by the incident, adding that he would seek a court hearing.

The video showed Yaari punching his daughter in the face and slamming her to the ground.

The prosecutor said the incident was caught on a camera Yaari used to record the assault.

In a statement, Yaari said he was “extremely remorseful for my actions” and that he had done so out of “a sincere desire to protect my daughter and myself.”

A lawyer for the victim said she had been unable to reach Yaari.

He is due to appear in court on Nov. 11.

Yaarid also faces a charge of domestic violence.

A number of videos have surfaced online of the Israeli singer beating his daughter and slapping her face in the past few months.

The case sparked a worldwide backlash and prompted criticism from human rights groups and celebrities.

In a statement to The Associated Press, Yaaridi said the charges were politically motivated and aimed at punishing him.