IEM UK opens on the West Coast, but is it a gamble?

By JOE MCKINLEY and PAUL ROGERSPosted September 21, 2018 07:37:56The first major event of the year for the IEM World Championship, which kicks off on October 12 in Germany, has been held in London, where it will be held under the new name of the International Electronic Music Awards (IEM).

The event, which will see the likes of Kendrick Lamar, Daft Punk and Ed Sheeran compete for the best of the best in music, has attracted big names from the UK including Radiohead, Beyonce and Drake.

A lot of big names have been invited to attend, with a few top-flight acts coming to London.

The biggest name that will be performing will be Ed Shearman, who will perform his latest album, Ed Shears Way.

The London event, the second largest of its kind, will see artists from around the world compete for their respective trophies, including best new artist, best original song and best album.

It has been a tough year for music, with major releases and the release of major artists on tour.

A lot of the industry has struggled to adapt to this year’s music scene, and with the IAM, many of the big names are back in the UK for another major event.