How to watch the 80s music that still resonates today

The 80s was an amazing time to be a kid.

Its the year you could watch TV, play video games and surf the web, with your parents on vacation.

Its also the year that brought us all the cool things like the Nintendo Entertainment System and the Super Nintendo Entertainment Cube.

But now that we’re old enough to enjoy these things again, it’s important to know that the 80-s is not a period of prosperity for everyone.

For those who were born before the internet, the decade is a time of economic upheaval.

And for those born after, the economic boom was the end of the golden age.

But as much as you might wish for a good time, for some of us it’s a time when things just don’t quite work out.

As the 80’s faded, the 80 years that followed saw a surge of economic optimism and optimism that is now becoming a painful reality for many.

The 80’s and its music will forever be linked to the world of music, and we’re going to try to figure out why.