How to watch Raghavan and The Buggs live on TV and radio on February 23, 2019

A look at the news that’s been making the rounds over the past few weeks:1)The Bugg brothers are scheduled to release their debut album on February 26.2) The Bigg brothers have made a deal with Disney and have signed with their label Universal.3) The Raghavins have announced their first international tour.4) Raghava and his band are playing at the World Expo in Barcelona on February 25.5) The singer is in the studio working on a new track.6) A new song titled ‘Acharya’ is being recorded by Raghva and his Rangarajan band.7) A song by the Raghuvans titled ‘I’m Still A Girl’ has gone viral on Facebook.8) Rangavs are set to release a new album titled ‘Bharat’.9) A post on Raghvans Facebook page has gone up in the news section of the site.10) The band has recently signed with Universal Music.Read More