How to use Google Music for Android to find music

The Google Music app is a great way to search for music, but it can be confusing.

Here’s how to find new songs on Google Music, and learn how to add songs to your library.

read more Google Music is one of the biggest music apps out there, but what does that mean for you?

It has a wealth of features and features you can access for free.

If you’re new to Google Music or want to see what’s on the top of the list, head on over to the official Google Music page to find the top music apps.


Get Music from your Google Play Music account 1.1.

If the Google Play music account you have is not connected to your Google account, it will not be able to add new songs to the Google Music library.

Google Music doesn’t have a way to show the connection to your account, so you’ll need to sign in to your accounts account and use the account’s “Add Account” page to add the account.

If you already have an account on Google Play, you can use the Add Account button on the Google Search page.


Add a Google Music account to your Spotify account 1 2.1 Add a Spotify account to Google Play Spotify will automatically show the Google account you added, and will be able add the Google Account.

This can be useful for those who are new to Spotify and have no previous Google Music activity.

Spotify does not have a “Google Music” button.

2.2 Add Google Music to your YouTube channel 1 2 3.1 If you have a YouTube channel that you would like to add Google Music into, head to the “Add account” page.

In the top right corner, click the “New Account” button and then click “Create Account”.

3.2 If you don’t already have a Google Account, you will be prompted to create a new one. 

Click “Create account”.


Watch videos from your YouTube account in Google Play Video will automatically start playing in Google Music as you enter your Google Account information.

4 5.

You will be asked to set the Google music playback mode to “Play all” and to turn off the Google Cloud Messaging service, but the videos will not start playing.

5 6.

Click “View album art” on YouTube and choose “View Album art” from the list.

This will allow you to scroll through all your videos from YouTube and play them on GooglePlay Music.

6 7.

Tap “View video” to see all your uploaded videos.

This option will open up a list of your YouTube channels, which will display the song titles in Google play.

You can scroll through your videos and select the song title that you want to watch.

7 8.

You’ll see a notification that says “You are now subscribed to Google” on your Google+ profile page.

Tap it to get back to the YouTube page.

7 9.

You should see a “You can now watch videos from Google Music” notification on the right side of the YouTube video. 

Tap the “View YouTube” button to view your YouTube videos in GooglePlay.


Click the “Watch” button on Google+ to watch YouTube videos from the Google+ Music app.

 Note: Google Music on Android doesn’t work on Windows Phone devices.

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