How to stop your iPhone from locking up

Apple music, which is Apple’s flagship music service, has been accused of forcing users to unlock their devices, according to a report by The Wall Street Journal.

In a survey of nearly 2,000 users who had used the service for at least six months, Apple found that only 12% of users said they were comfortable with their iPhone unlocking.

That is about one out of every five users surveyed, a smaller percentage than the previous year’s survey, which found 20%.

Apple’s app developer community has been a key part of its success, with many of its apps supporting a full lock screen, and the company has said it plans to make unlocking its service as easy as possible.

While the company said in April that it was working on ways to make the process more comfortable, that hasn’t happened yet, according the report.

Apple has a long history of lock screen features, but many of them have been in iOS 7.5 since the app’s launch in July.

The company said that the changes were to fix bugs and improve security, and that users should use a second-party app to unlock the device.