How to Play “Bridal” with a Fuzzy Melody and the Right Vocals

A few years ago, I was trying to learn how to play “Briar” with the right vocabulary.

I was also trying to figure out how to do it with a flute, which was surprisingly difficult.

Briard is an instrumental song, which means it’s played by a musician.

It’s usually the song we’re playing, but sometimes you might want to make it a little bit different.

For example, if you want to sing “Bramble” on a flutist’s flute while also playing the “bramble melody” on the flute.

I also wrote an exercise to help you figure out what to do with the “fuzzy melody” in the background of “Brisbane Breeze.”

If you want more tips and tricks, check out my video below, or head over to the How To Play With a Flute tutorial page for more info. Read more