How to listen to jazz music with your phone

Jazz music is a genre of music that can be heard in many countries around the world.

And that means you can listen to a lot of different styles of music on your phone.

Here are some tips to help you listen to your favourite tunes on your Android phone.


Set the volume slider to a high point This can make listening to jazz on your smartphone much more enjoyable.

You can choose to have the music playing at a low volume, or a high one.

If you don’t have an Android phone, set the volume to ‘normal’ or ‘high’.


Set a background music track to play The first thing you need to do to listen is set a background song to play when you tap the music icon in the upper right corner.

The music will then play in the background.


Set an app to play the music The next thing you’ll want to do is set an app that you want to listen for music on.

Here’s what you can do: 1.

Add a background app to your phone’s music library Set up a background sound player for your phone or tablet.

Set up your Android device to play music from the internet or an app.


Connect your phone to your computer or a USB port to play sound.

Set your Android devices volume up to ‘high’ or up to the ‘maximum’ setting.

3: Set your phone for playback The last thing you want is to play a background tune to silence your phone completely.

You need to set a way to stop music from playing in the foreground, so you can focus on listening.


Change the volume of your phone When you listen for the first time, you’ll notice the sound on your device starts to slow down, and the background music stops playing.

This can be a good thing.

But if you get a bit bored, you can change the volume on your devices volume slider.


Add an app with background music to your music library To play music when you want, set up an app on your phones volume slider, and then add the background sound to your playlist.


Set music to play on the phone with a phone app The last option you can add to your Android music library is to set up a phone application that will play the sound of music.

To do this, tap on the ‘Add to Music’ button in the top right corner, and choose a music app.


Connect to your device, and play music on the Android phone Once you’ve added the music to the music library, the music will play on your computer, phone or a connected device.


Set ‘Music’ on your mobile device to start automatically When you start a phone or other device, the ‘Music & Radio’ app will start automatically.


Select a music player to start music You can also set the music player on your connected device to use the music from your phone as a background track.


Set phone volume to high or normal If you’re not a fan of loud music, you might want to set the phone volume up as high as possible.

You’ll hear music playing in a lower volume.


Set volume of Android phone to ‘low’ or low You’ll also want to change the phone’s volume slider if you want it to stop playing music in the phone.


Change volume of music playback on Android phone when you switch apps To set the ‘music volume’ to a lower setting, tap the ‘OK’ button on the app you want the music played.

Then, tap ‘Set to Background’ to switch the music app from playing to background.


Change music volume for other apps If you want your music to stop when you turn on other apps on your iPhone, iPad or Android phone that you don�t have a music library with, you need a way for the music playback to stop.


Play music in landscape mode on Android smartphones Android phones that are in landscape orientation can play music in normal mode.

You don’t need to enable the ‘play’ button.

This will start playing the music automatically.


Set Android device volume up and turn off background music You need a higher volume to hear music in a way that’s comfortable for you.

Here�s how to set your Android phones volume to a ‘normal’.

To turn off the background, press and hold on the volume down button until you hear a click sound.

If this doesn�t happen, you probably need to adjust the volume.


Set app to pause music You want to use a music play on a smartphone to pause your phone music when it gets too loud.

To turn it off, press the volume up button on your music app and select ‘play’.


Set playback to ‘Normal’ or higher When you’re done with your music, tap your music icon again in the lower right corner to turn off your music.

You should now be able to hear your music in ‘normal mode’.


Set background music playback from Android phone