How to find the hottest Dubstep Music News on YouTube

The top Dubstep music videos are coming back to YouTube after nearly a year of silence, thanks to the success of the music video series “Top Music News.”

Top music news has been the number one spot on the platform since April, and the videos that have been added to YouTube for the last three months show a return to top form, with the likes of R3hab, PUP and Skrillex featuring on the top 10, and DnB pioneer Armin van Buuren on the 20th spot.

Top Music news features are as follows:DnB legend Armin Van Buuren joins Top Music News as the featured artist on the tracks “DotD,” featuring Jay-Z and Drake, and “Nirvana” featuring Jay Z, featuring Kendrick Lamar.

“Top Music Videos” is available on YouTube for free, and users can also subscribe for $0.99 a month.

It is not the first time that Top Music Videos has returned to YouTube, and many of the previous Top Music videos were hosted by major brands.

In addition to the Top Music series, Top Music has featured “Dirty Jobs” by Drake and “The Last Song” by Kanye West, which featured Drake’s verse and Kanye’s instrumental in the clip.

Other videos that feature a new Top Music video are “Babylon” by Daft Punk, “Trap Queen” by Rihanna, “Love Me Like You Do” by T-Pain and “We Are The World” by Miley Cyrus.

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