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Next Big Futures article Next BIG Futures, the brand new music streaming service from Next Big Entertainment, is launching on Friday, September 20th, and is powered by SoundCloud.

The service will feature a wide range of curated music, along with curated playlists and live stream streaming.

The first thing you’ll notice about Next Big is that the music is all new.

The music library is curated by a team of artists and producers that includes artists like Jay-Z, Lady Gaga, Drake, Kanye West, Kendrick Lamar, and others.

They have also curated a large number of genres and styles, including rock, jazz, hip hop, alternative, trance, and more.

Music genres included in the service are jazz, soul, soul music, blues, and classic rock.

It will be interesting to see how many artists choose to stream the content.

This new service will also have a dedicated music player that will be able to browse and search for your favorite artists.

Next Big Futurities also has a few other new features, including an on-demand playlist of artists, which can be added to the service in real-time, and a live stream service.

This service is designed to allow users to watch streaming music from their phone, which will also allow users the ability to record live streams and share them with friends.

This new service is also designed to be the next step for Next Big, as they’ve been working on this new service for a while.

They launched their own streaming service in 2017 and it was a great success.

The fact that they are able to create this service in a similar way, which is also available on their own service, is exciting.

This service is currently free for subscribers, though it will cost $2.99 per month for users who have a subscription.

If you want to get the full Next Big experience, you will need to subscribe.

The subscription includes all of the services mentioned above, but the cost for users is $2 a month for those who have an active subscription.

You can also subscribe for a monthly payment of $15.

The Next Big service will be available to anyone who subscribes to Next Big and is a Next Big subscriber.

If the user is not a Next Next Big user, they can purchase a $2-a-month membership for $7.99.