How did the internet get China music news?

China music is booming, but news of its music, artists and culture has been hard to come by.

The internet is where news of China music gets posted, but most of the content comes from China’s state media, according to the People’s Daily, China’s official news agency.

The agency posted an article on Wednesday about the news, which it said had been made by “foreigners with a big voice” and described as “fake news.”

The news was first reported by The Diplomat and later picked up by the South China Morning Post, the English language newspaper that has long covered China.

“The report is fake news and was published by foreigners with a huge voice,” a spokeswoman for the paper said.

The story is so fake that we asked the Beijing bureau of The Diplomate for comment.

The bureau did not respond to our request for comment and instead referred to the article’s description.

The article includes some comments by an unnamed foreign government official that appeared to be part of a story about a Chinese pop star named Yungshan who was not real, but rather a fake, the Chinese newspaper reported.

The Chinese Ministry of State Security did not immediately respond to a request for comments.

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