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Music News | Death | News | Music News death | Music | News article A new study has found that people are happier when they have friends who are like them.

In the study, published in the journal PLOS ONE, researchers from Duke University and the University of California, Los Angeles asked more than 1,000 college students about their feelings when they meet someone who they think is like them: someone who is very social, a little bit like them, a bit like me, or a little more like me.

(Some participants chose “not so much.”)

The study also found that the people who were most likely to be friends with their friends were the ones who seemed to have the most social closeness, or people who liked being around friends who seemed like them and who seemed very nice.

The researchers found that for people who like socializing with like-minded people, they have more social and positive feelings than people who are more likely to like their friends and who are social but not like them in some way.

“It’s not that people who find each other more likeable and more comfortable are more attractive, it’s that they’re happier,” said Dr. Daniela Perna, lead author of the study and a professor of psychology at Duke University.

In other words, people who prefer liking others to being liked have more of a social-loving disposition.

This study also shows that a person’s friends who seem like them are more sociable than those who don’t seem like the people they like.

The study found that when people find friends who like them but aren’t like them they are more positive, happy, and sociable.

It also suggests that people may be less interested in meeting other like-kind people when they know they’re going to be more socially lonely.

The authors of the new study believe that people can have less of a positive social-being orientation than they think.

For instance, people might have more negative social-beliefs than they actually have, which may lead them to have less positive feelings about meeting people who look like them than they would like to meet people who don.

The new study also suggests the positive social relationship between friendship and feeling good, and the negative relationship between friends and feeling lonely, can also be helpful.

It suggests that friendship and sociality are a good thing.

In a separate study, the researchers found a similar effect, but they used a more detailed survey design, in which they asked more questions about their friends’ relationships with them, and in which participants were also asked about their own relationships with their parents and other family members.

The results show that social connection with others is more important to positive feelings, but it does not necessarily mean it’s a good idea to meet others who are similar to yourself, the authors wrote.

And for some people, finding a partner who feels like you is more socially beneficial than finding a romantic partner who doesn’t.

“The research also shows some people who think they have less social closess or a less positive social outlook can actually be more sociably comfortable with a partner with whom they are not close or who is not as socially close,” Pernas said.

“If we find these relationships, we can build better relationships and be more likely in our lives to be successful and have a better life.”

It’s not just about finding people who feel like you.

The more people you’re in touch with, the more you feel connected to them, Perns said.

It may not be a bad thing, but finding a connection with someone who feels the same way is probably one of the most important things you can do to build a stronger bond with them.

“This study is not going to make us feel better or make us better people, but what we find out is that it can help us to be happier, and we should feel that way,” she said.

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