Google Music: ‘All Songs’ is now more popular than ‘Best of the Best’

The all-music playlist for the year is more popular and relevant than the most recent album, according to new data from the Google Music API.

“All Songs” now dominates the Top 20, beating out the best-of-the-year compilation “Best of The Best” in the U.S. and the best new releases of 2017, according the data.

Google Music launched in 2015 with a dedicated app for iOS and Android and later expanded to Android and iOS.

It currently has more than 2 billion monthly active users, according data from comScore.

It offers the option to subscribe to an all-you-can-eat Pandora radio station, play on Spotify, or download its mobile app to stream on your phone.

The company also launched a free, ad-supported Google Play Music service that includes access to the Google Play music catalog.

Google Play also released an API to make it easier for artists to create new songs and to upload them to Google Play.