Genesis music news sites to be redesigned, with new features

Genesis Music News sites to feature an algorithmically generated music news section, with more genres, including rock, country, and pop, and a new music section with new genres, artists, and tracks, AppleInsider reported.

The new sections will also include more categories to allow for better integration with music streaming services, such as trending music and trending artists.

The new sections are currently being built on top of existing content, including the Music News section on iTunes, and the Music Events section on Apple Music, Apple said in a blog post.

Apple will also be launching a new category on Apple TV, which will include genres, new tracks, and other news related to music.

The news section will be integrated with a curated news app, as well as with the News app on iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

The revamped Genesis Music app will offer users access to music, artists and other content directly from their iOS devices and Apple TV.

The app will also allow users to create their own music videos, access their playlists, and playlists to share with friends.

The site will also feature a “Music & News” section on the Home screen.

Users can browse music, search for songs, and listen to songs.

Apple also said that users can listen to new music on their Apple TV via the app, which is currently only available on Apple TVs running iOS 11.1.

The updated app will be available on iOS 10.2 and later versions of the iPhone and iPad, as of January 1.

Apple has also confirmed that the new site will not be compatible with older versions of iOS.

The company has said that it is working with the iOS team to update the site and that users will not have to uninstall older versions.

Apple also announced that the iOS 10 beta app will not work on older iOS devices.

The beta app is intended for those users who are still on older devices, including Apple TV owners, that have iOS 10 or earlier.