Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg’s wife, Bibi, had a new gig.

Facebook CEO and founder Mark Zuckerberg is no stranger to having new jobs.

In fact, in early 2015, he was named Facebook COO, but the company quickly decided to replace him with his longtime friend and advisor, Bidi Zuckerberg.

Bibi had previously worked for Facebook, but she also previously served as Facebook’s vice president of public policy and public affairs.

Bidi had previously been a director of policy at the World Bank, and she previously served in the U.S. House of Representatives, where she worked on a variety of policy and legislative initiatives.

Biden is also Bibi’s husband.

Facebook also hired Bibi to serve as a director at the non-profit foundation called the Zuckerberg Foundation.

As a director, Biden oversees $1.2 billion in charitable funding, which is not as much as Zuckerberg himself gets, but it is enough to keep the foundation’s coffers full.

Bisi’s new job at the foundation is to help oversee the Zuckerberg Fund for Education, which has given more than $2 billion to U.N. organizations, including the World Food Program.

Facebook has said it will be donating money to the organization every month for the next five years.

The Zuckerberg Fund also supports several other nonprofit organizations, which include the Uyghur Refugee Cultural Center in Urumqi, China, and the University of Minnesota, where Bibi serves as a professor of political science.

Bizarro world?

Bibi is one of Facebook’s most well-known employees.

She has served as a member of the Facebook board of directors, which sits at the top of the company.

She also has a role in Facebook’s product team, which oversees design, engineering, product management, marketing, and user experience.

Bobi’s new role is likely to be much more senior than what Biden has done.

Facebook’s current CEO, Sheryl Sandberg, has been a vocal critic of the platform, and her position is expected to be more senior.

Bintel is a Facebook employee who is not related to Zuckerberg.

Facebook did not immediately respond to ABC News’ request for comment.

The next few weeks are expected to bring more than a dozen announcements about Facebook’s business operations, as well as new product offerings, and some of the announcements will be very interesting.

While Facebook’s new CEO has already made a lot of news, some of this has been rather benign.

For instance, Bintel’s role in the Zuckerberg fund is not necessarily a bad thing.

The foundation has donated to numerous U.s. and U.K. organizations and the Zuckerberg’s charity is well-respected in many U.k. circles.

Bedi’s new position at the Zuckerberg foundation is an example of how much of a celebrity Facebook is becoming.

Bids for new employees are always a hot topic, and it is likely that the Zuckerbergs will continue to receive bids from all sorts of corporations.

Binti Zuckerberg is likely the first Facebook employee to get a raise.

Facebook paid Bibi a raise of around $200,000 last month, the company announced in its second-quarter earnings report.

This was a huge amount of money for a single employee, and Bintel will get paid much more than the current $100,000 salary.

Bincisi’s salary will come in a $50,000 raise.

The compensation package also includes perks, including $1,000 to celebrate a birthday, and $20,000 in company stock.

Facebook declined to comment on Bintels new position.

The $100k raises are not a big increase from what Bintel received last year, when she received $150,000.

Facebook is expected give Bintel another raise as well, though the company will not say how much more.

Facebook plans to release Bintel a $20 million bonus for helping to get the company to $200 million in revenue in 2016.

This would be Bintel Zuckerberg’s second bonus.

The first was $300,000 for helping Facebook win the 2017 election.

Bili and her husband are also a big part of Facebook, and Facebook has become known for making some very big hires.

Last year, Facebook hired its first female director, which brought in the likes of Lina Wakhshakhova, who is now VP of operations for the company’s global digital business, and Megan Smith, who was recently promoted to head of U.U. operations.