Eminem announces new album and a new tour

The singer-songwriter Eminem has announced her new album, “A Love Like My Own,” which was recently released on iTunes.

The album is currently available to pre-order for $10 on iTunes and Amazon.

In the video for the title track, Eminem opens up about the process of writing her new record.

The singer talks about writing about the trials of growing up and how she feels like she was the victim of racism and sexism during her childhood.

She also talks about her experience with depression and self-harm.

“I had this really intense depression,” Eminem says.

“When I was in my 20s, I was depressed and I would just cry and it was really hard.

I would do this stupid thing, where I would wake up and just think about the world and I’d just do this thing.”

She then discusses her experiences with the LGBTQ community, saying she experienced homophobia and transphobia at school.

“You see a lot of these kids who are in the LGBTQ+ community, they’re so strong, they don’t want to be bullied,” she says.

“I’m not saying they don, but I think we have to get out of this closet and not be afraid to come out.”

The video ends with Eminem looking up at the stars of the night as they perform her song.

She then takes a selfie and adds, “I think we need to look at each other as people.”

Eminem, whose real name is Michelle McPherson, is the singer of The Bachelorette and is currently touring with her band, the Velvets.

She will play the stage with her group at her upcoming shows in Austin, Texas, and Los Angeles on August 27.