Disney’s ‘The Lion King’ is on its way to Disney Studios, Disney chairman says

Disney has given a green light to the sequel to The Lion King and will premiere it in theaters sometime in 2018, Walt Disney Co. Chairman Bob Iger said Tuesday.

“The Lion Kingdom is on the way,” Iger told reporters in a conference call.

“I’m sure we’ll get the information about the date and location on that.”

The Lion Kingdom premiered in theaters on July 4, 1971, and was one of Disney’s earliest animated feature films.

The movie grossed $4.5 billion worldwide.

Iger declined to say how much of the sequel will be made by Disney and whether it will include any additional characters.

The Lion Kings will not be the only Disney feature to feature characters from the movie franchise.

The company has been making a spinoff film called The Jungle Book.

The studio is also making an animated feature called Aladdin.

The Jungle Books are also owned by Disney, and a sequel was made in the 1990s.

“Aladdin was a wonderful experience, but the movie didn’t have enough characters and it was not as big as it could have been,” Iager said.

The film opened to $100 million and earned more than $2 billion worldwide, but Disney is also expected to make another film about the King, the Jungle Book, and Aladdin, a production company that will develop the films and make them available on home video and streaming services.

Igers remarks come after the release of a report that Disney is making a new version of Beauty and the Beast based on the original film, which grossed more than 20 billion dollars at the box office.

Igges new comments follow the release last week of a document that the company sent to investors detailing a plan to bring back the Disney characters.

In it, the company said that the movie studio is developing a film with new characters, that will be a “film that can bring the characters back to life and can also bring a lot of new and different characters to life.”

Iger has been pushing Disney to get the film back into theaters, and has been saying publicly that he would prefer to see the film at the theater.

“This is an extremely exciting time for us,” Iggs new statement said.

“Disney is on a journey that is unique, and we’re committed to bringing our characters to the stage, wherever that might be.”

Igers comments come after Disney has released a short video highlighting the franchise.

It shows Mickey and Minnie in a snowy environment in Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, and the Lion King on the White House lawn, with Mickey dressed as Donald Trump.

The video is part of a series of clips that the studio is releasing to showcase the series of characters.

Igger told reporters the company will announce more details on the new films at a later date.

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