Concert for the new season will be held in Dublin’s Parkhead Theatre

Dublin City Council is to host a concert for the first time in its history.

The concert will take place on the first of the following dates, May 5.

It is the first-ever concert for a local orchestra, the RTE News reports.

Dublin City Council said it was committed to hosting a performance of the composer’s music at a public venue.

It said it would be attended by members of the public, local councillors and representatives of the Irish Chamber of Commerce.

A performance of Bach’s Symphony No. 6 will be performed by the orchestra.

“The concert is part of the City’s efforts to develop its public realm,” a council spokesperson said.

“It will provide a welcome opportunity for the public to engage in a cultural and social exchange of culture.”

The concert’s first performance will be at 8pm on Saturday, May 6, at the Parkhead theatre in the centre of Dublin.

Tickets cost €10 and include a free ticket to the concert.

More to come.