NEW YORK — Chicago metalcore act Crips will play their first show in over a decade at Madison Square Garden in New York City, and a number of their members will perform in New Orleans.

In addition, the Chicago band will take the stage Thursday night with their new lineup, which also includes former Chicago Steel singer Jason “Slaughter” Parekh, bassist Dave Hirsch, and drummer Michael “D-Block” Jones.

Parekh will play guitar, while Jones will play drums.

Both men will be joined by bassist Mike “Hype” Lutz, and they’ll be joined on the main stage by a number toppers, including bassist Brian “Snoop Dogg” Gaffney, keyboardist Adam “Lucky” Johnson, and guitarists Tyler “Cocky” Garson and Kyle “Wiggly” Pappas.

The band’s performance will be headlined by an all-star line-up of former Chicago stars who will be taking the stage: “Wrecking Ball,” “I Will Never Stop You,” “Caught in a Storm,” “You Know You’re In Love,” and more.

The lineup also includes a number performers that will be on the bill for the first time in years: longtime Chicagoans James “Lil B” Brown and his former bandmates, Jason “Karate Kid” Schilling, and his bandmates.

Chicago metalcore band Criks will play Madison Square Gardens in New Yorkers.