Blues legend John Coltrane dies at 83

Blues legend Johnny Coltranes passing at 83.

He was the most popular guitarist of the 1960s and 70s.

His guitar was the subject of many greats, including John Colttrane.

“John Coltrans guitar is a legend,” said musician and guitarist Bill Ward.

“He has played and written so many great songs.

He is a very, very talented musician.

I always knew he was going to be a great guitar player, but the more I know of him the more excited I get.”

Coltrani’s music was a staple of many jazz bands, including Bob Marley’s Marley Must Die.

“Johnny Coltraned was the guy that was always in my mind, as an artist,” said Ward.

He worked with Coltranas band and wrote his first solo album.

“I was the one who put the song title ‘Johnny Coltran’, because I always wondered, ‘what is the song about?’

And Coltrano said he wanted the title to mean ‘John, I want to help you.'” “

And the title of the song is a play on words, ‘Johnny, Johnny, Johnny’.

And Coltrano said he wanted the title to mean ‘John, I want to help you.'” 

John Coltrens legacy was cemented when he helped the band of the Beatles write their second hit single, “Hello.”

Coltropa and the Beatles also recorded a song together for Coltranais first solo recording.

“They did the song together, so I was the only one that knew the words to it, so it was all a matter of being able to play the song,” said Coltrantra.

Coltranta said that the band wanted to write another song called “A New Day” for their next album.

Coltron’s legacy was also cemented by the fact that he played the drums in the first live album of the band, The Beatles, in 1966.

The band later recorded two more albums with him.

“That’s why, when I was on the radio and when I saw the Beatles, I said to my brother, ‘Listen, you know, if I could just play drums in there, I could play ‘A New World,'” said Coltro.

“It was only the first album. “

We had a great time and I enjoyed it, but we didn’t make the record,” Coltrany continued.

“It was only the first album.

It was great, but it wasn’t the best thing.” 

In 1967, Coltrannas music was featured in the film Blackbird, directed by Robert Altman.

“This is a film that tells a very sad story,” said singer-songwriter Coltranni.

“The guy that sings, John Colterran, he was a great singer, a great guitarist, but he had a very bad time.

I know he didn’t get a lot, but I’m glad he got to see the film.”

Colterrane was the man who wrote the lyrics to the song “Blackbird.”

“Blackbirds song was written by John Coltonropa,” said Altman, who also directed the film.

“Black Bird was a really good movie, and the guy who wrote that song was a very good singer.

It’s a great song, and it was written in a way that you couldn’t understand.

And John Coltenropa said, ‘This is my favorite song ever written,’ and I thought, yeah, I agree.”

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