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(AP) Music fans are celebrating the first anniversary of the release of Birmingham, Ala.’s first-ever live concert at the Great Lakes Music Pavilion, which opened on April 25.

The city of more than 3 million, Alabama’s second-largest, has been the scene of the country’s largest-scale pop music festival since it began in 2006.

The event draws thousands of fans every year, including some of the state’s top musicians and performers.

Music fans and music-industry professionals have hailed the first-year festival as a turning point in the history of the industry and in the state.

The festival will feature dozens of performers and bands, with live music from the likes of Kendrick Lamar, Frank Ocean and the Roots, as well as new artists.

The venue’s first-of-its-kind concert, held in the Great Lake’s original theater, is also being billed as the biggest live music event in the country.

The first show is April 29, and the festival will be held at the Alabama Pavilion in downtown Birmingham on April 28.

The 2017 festival has drawn hundreds of thousands of people, and is a hit with concert-goers across the country, including fans in New York, California, Washington, D.C., and Los Angeles.

In a press release, Great Lakes Entertainment Group, the venue’s owners, said the festival was an opportunity for Birmingham to be the premier destination for the country music industry.

Birmingham is also the first city in the nation to host two events simultaneously, said Great Lakes, which is owned by the Greater Birmingham Convention and Visitors Bureau.

“It is an unprecedented event that will bring thousands of artists and performers together and allow the city of Birmingham to have a new destination for artists and fans,” Great Lakes said in a statement.

The Great Lakes Festival was founded in 2006 as a way for Birmingham residents to experience the music of the world’s greatest artists at a festival venue.

“We believe this event will bring a lot of entertainment to the city, and will give Birmingham a unique venue for performing,” Great Lions CEO David Miller said in the release.

Birmingham hosted the first event in 2006, when it hosted the U.S.O.N. festival, a four-day celebration of music and culture.

Birmingham’s inaugural event is the largest-ever, according to Great Lakes.

In addition to the Great Lions, the event will feature the first of two U.K.O.-themed festivals, a major music festival and a country festival.

The U.N.-themed festival will take place at Birmingham’s Southbank Center, with concerts by country music legends Willie Nelson, Hank Williams Jr., Johnny Cash and Johnny Cashmore, the U2 frontman and country singer, and pop star Taylor Swift.

The Southbank event will include a two-day event at the venue with live entertainment from a diverse array of performers.

Birmingham Mayor William Bell, who has also championed the city’s music industry, said Birmingham has had the best year in music-related tourism.

“Birmingham is a city that has made the most of its opportunity,” Bell said in an interview with The Associated Press.

“I think the city is seeing a renaissance in the music industry in Birmingham, and I think that’s why this is a good opportunity for us to build on this momentum.”

Birmingham is hosting the first Great Lakes-sponsored event in nearly 50 years.

The Birmingham Convention & Visitors Bureau, which has been overseeing the festival, said it was an “unbelievable success” and the city will continue to grow and support the event.

“The event was the biggest-ever music festival in the U, and we have seen the growth in Birmingham and our city,” said Great Lions co-owner Matt Smith.

“What we’ve done with it has been unbelievable.”

The Birmingham Music Festival is scheduled to take place April 29-30.

The United StatesO.n.

N festival will bring together artists and audiences from across the globe to celebrate American music, including U. S. acts including Frank Ocean, Beyonce, Rihanna and Calvin Harris.

The events will be followed by a two days of music in the Southbank Auditorium, which will be used to stage the Great Lion Music Festival.

The new Great Lakes event is set to feature artists like Drake, Justin Timberlake, Bruno Mars, Kendrick Lamar and more.

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