‘A Night at the Opera’ star Tom Hanks is ‘going to be a huge part of our show’

AUSTIN, Texas — “The Night at The Opera” star Tom Hardy will star in a “Saturday Night Live” parody that is part of a new series of sketches, The Hollywood Reporter has learned.

The project, which will debut at The Austin Chronicle’s “Friday Night” show at The Lowry on Feb. 23, is the latest effort by The Daily Show to draw on the hit NBC sketch comedy.

The “Saturday night Live” spoof series, called “The Daily Show with Jon Stewart,” is slated to debut on the comedy network next month.

“We’re taking this new show very seriously, and Tom is going to be part of it,” said Comedy Central Chairman Adam Carolla.

“We have no idea what the hell this guy’s doing, but we’re going to find out very soon.”

In the series, Hardy will play a young, impressionable performer who gets trapped on the last night of his summer tour.

After getting his band of misfits to play, Hardy finds himself in a jam with a band of young, talented actors.

It’s a jam that Hardy gets in trouble for.

The show’s first episode is set at the U.S. Olympic Summer Games in Rio de Janeiro.

In it, Hardy, playing himself, is surrounded by young performers and is pulled into a music video of the opening ceremony.

“I don’t know why I got into that video, but I’m in it,” he says.

The sketch takes a detour to a party that the performer attends where he is confronted by his fellow performers.

“You’re going down the aisle,” one of the young performers says.

“Don’t tell me you’re not happy!”

“The Daily Night with Jon” will air weekly on Comedy Central starting Feb. 21.