Which is better: the Bongo or the Bongos?

By JASON GUTIERREZABREDE-GARRETTIAPO | REUTERS: PHILIPPE DE LA TORRE|AFP| Getty ImagesThe Bongo is one of the most popular music and dance icons of the 20th century.It’s a traditional, hip-hop-influenced musical instrument that’s known for its distinctive body shape.The Bongo has a long history of music and is a key ingredient of many popular dances around […]

What is ‘pushing’? – Al Jazeera

What is the term ‘pushed’ in music?The term ‘push’ has been used in music since the late 1950s.It has been linked to push-ups and dips in hip hop, and in recent years has been seen as a form of resistance to an oppressive social and economic system.But it has been the subject of a lot […]

The Best of the Internet: Spotify and Google Play Music app is here for free

Google Play music and Spotify are the best-selling music apps on iOS and Android, respectively, according to data from App Annie, which tracks app downloads and installs for the Apple App Store and Google play.Spotify, which has long been the most popular music app on iOS, was at number one with 4.7 million downloads, followed […]

New Zealand news

New Zealanders love to read, write and watch TV.So when the internet became more accessible in 2016, the internet was a good thing.But there’s no denying that the internet is still not a place for all.And we’ve seen a rise in online harassment.News24/8: Online harassment and cyberbullying News24/9: Cyberbullying and online harassment News24-9: How to […]

Eminem announces new album and a new tour

The singer-songwriter Eminem has announced her new album, “A Love Like My Own,” which was recently released on iTunes.The album is currently available to pre-order for $10 on iTunes and Amazon.In the video for the title track, Eminem opens up about the process of writing her new record.The singer talks about writing about the trials […]